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Our Mission

Over the last 50 years, the global business landscape has dramatically changed.  The world is smaller, corporations have grown larger, and those who are large enough gained the ability to undercut any small competitor.  Yet with their size, they have often lacked the ability to compete against small companies who knew their customers more intimately and could communicate their superior value. 

That has changed. 

The power of big data and technology now provides large corporations unfettered access into your customers' every need and desire.  Equipped with teams of data scientists, they are optimizing production, individualizing product offerings, and targeting your customers through every medium.  

I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of America and the importance of nourishing an ecosystem of equitable competition.

Vyize was formed to help level the playing field.  Your company doesn't need an army of statisticians to compete, but it likely stands to gain a lot from a few modern tools and advice on pivotal issues.  We make the complicated simple.  Our network of consultants and advisors is ready and waiting to support your business as it evolves, adapts, and finds new ways to thrive in the 21st century.  

-Matthew J. Wampler
Founder, Vyize

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